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One Candle Holder Becomes Two

One day I was hunting at our local Thrift Shop and found this wooden candle holder. I didn't really love the style, though I liked the lines, and it was solid wood. I knew that with a little paint, I could make something I liked better of it. It sat out in the garage for quite a long time...probably a couple years. 
{I know, it takes me awhile to get to some things around here}
(very pixely from being cropped)
I finally pulled it out to display on our Christmas mantel. It was too tall though, because one night when I had blown out all the candles, I couldn't tell it was still lit and left it burning... 
Funny too, because I checked, checked, and re-checked because I was so worried I'd forget one.  We were blessed that all that resulted was a smoke stain. That's what I kept reminding myself when I couldn't clean it all off and realized that in the end I will need to re-paint the ceiling and the trim. 
                                                            Don't love painting ceilings. 
The other day I was in the midst of doing a few projects for my shop space and while waiting for paint to dry and got sick of looking at the thing, so I just took it out to the chop saw and cut it in two.

Much better!
I painted them with Country Chic Paint's Licourice. 

Gave them a quick rough up with the hand sander and some high grit sandpaper 
and tied this ribbon I found at Wal-Mart while waiting for the clerk to cut me some burlap around them. 
Love when I good find comes that easy!
 Sometimes we find something we know we are going to do something with, but the timing's just not right. It's okay to just wait until the inspiration flows.
 I'm glad I did, because now I love my candle holder(s)!
It was worth the wait.
I would love to see what you've been up to! Leave me a link in the comments ;)

The Rustic Nook- Retail space

I've been really busy the last couple of weeks getting things ready for my new business venture. I finally rented a space in a wonderful antique & vintage gift shop called Sweet Salvage  
(click on the link to visit them on facebook). 
If you are ever in the Eugene/Springfield Oregon area, you will not want to pass up the opportunity to stop in! There are extremely talented and amazing people here. 
I absolutely love the owner, she is so sweet, friendly, and great to work with. She's been incredibly encouraging along the way. 

My husband and I named my new retail space "The Rustic Nook".

Everything Goes {Linky Party}

Hello everyone, thank you for joining us again this week for our Everything Goes {Linky Party}!

 We had a lot of really great projects last week that got my creative juices flowing. My co-hosts and I each have the task to pick a project to feature each week. It's such a hard choice to make! 

I finally went with Frug Elegance's DIY Valentine's Decor. Besides the fact that they have some fun and festive, yet very easy to make Valentine decorations, I thought it would help me feel better about not having decorated for Valentine's day around my own home yet. 
I am in the process of moving into my own rental retail space tomorrow and have been hard at work. (More of that to come!) In the meantime, after you link up today, please follow the rules and check out 2 or more other wonderful blogs and leave a sweet comment for them. 

Now...shall we party? 
Let's do it!

Numbered Pillow

I think one of the funnest parts about decorating children's rooms is all the details. Anything they like goes, and there are no mistakes. Since I took many of the boys' old pillows they have outgrown away, I thought it would be fun to make a few new ones. This numbered pillow was inspired by a bean bag I saw in a Restoration Hardware catalog a few years ago. 

Crumpled Paper Bag Banner tutorial and Linky Party

Welcome, welcome! I'm excited to share with you my first EVER linky party. What?! Yeah, never thought I would do this, but I am excited to be teaming up with 4 other bloggers for a weekly "Little bit of Everything" linky Party,  I'll explain more later, so look for that below.
For now, I want to share
a simple project today that I made for my boys room.

Child of Royal Birth

I've been thinking a lot lately how if there is anything that I can instill in my children, it is that they are loved by a divine creator, a king. This is especially important to me right now with my girls and all the images the world shoves into their faces with images of princesess and what they look like, how they behave, and that these images are perfection. They aren't. We are so bombarded with images that make us think that if we aren't like them, we aren't perfect, acceptable, or loved. But I want them to know that no matter what, there is forgiveness, love, trust, and that every one of us is a child of a real God that knows us and desires to be close to us. He is a king which makes us of royal lineage. Too deep? Maybe so, never-the-less, when we call them "princess" we want them to know that it means something deeper than the way someone looks or what they posses. We are all loved. No matter what our unique gifts are. And that being unique is a blessing to others as they enable us to give to others. That we are beautiful according to what is in our heart. These thoughts are what inspired this project. There is a poem, actually a song, about being of royal birth. I wanted to frame it so-
I copied the words over an image of sheet music. This will be hanging above our bed (you'll see why in a future post) and possibly around the house in various sizes and frames. If you would like to print a copy, just click on the image and then print in the new window so you never forget that no matter what happens, we are children of God with a divine purpose.